How to Customize the Theme in Microsoft Dynamics 365

In Dynamics 365, the theme determines the colors within the platform, the icon in the upper left corner of the screen, and the tooltip that appears when you hover over this icon. In addition, the theme is easy to customize.

Click the down arrow to the right of the current app name along the top of the screen, then click the Settings tile. You may have to use the arrows to scroll over, depending on the number of apps you have.

Click Customizations within the Customization column.

On the page that appears, click Themes.

You’ll see CRM Default Theme in the All Themes view. The easiest way to create a custom theme is to click the check mark to the left of this theme name to select, then click Clone.

Copy of CRM Default Theme will be the name of the cloned theme; click the check mark to the left of this theme name to select, then click Edit.

When the theme opens up, enter desired text to name the new theme, and desired text for the logo tooltip; remember that the tooltip text is what appears when you hover over the logo in the upper left corner of Dynamics 365.

Next, enter the desired hex (HTML) value in the Navigation Bar Color field. This will change the color of the bar along the top of the screen. You can change any or all of the other colors shown on this page as well, in the same way.

Next, you can add a custom logo by clicking the magnifying glass for the Logo field, then selecting a logo from the dropdown list, clicking Look Up More Records, or clicking New.

If you click New, next you’ll need to enter text in the Name field; note that spaces are not recognized since you’re adding a web resource, so use underscores in place of spaces in the name.

Enter text in the Display Name field (spaces are permitted here), and the Description field, if desired.

Click within the Type field, and choose the appropriate file type from the dropdown list. Make sure that your logo file is one of the listed types.

Next, click Browse, and select the logo file from its location on your computer. Click Open.

Click Save, then click Publish All Customizations.

Close the popup window.

Now, after you add a new web resource, you’ll need to click the magnifying glass for the Logo field again, then click Look Up More Records.

In the window that appears, scroll or search to find the resource, then click the check mark to the left of the resource name to select it. The word “new” is added at the beginning of your web resource name, so keep that in mind when searching. Select the resource you just created, then click Add.

When you’re finished customizing, simply click Publish Theme. This will apply the theme to your instance of Dynamics 365 immediately.

At any time, I can change the theme back to the default theme, simply by returning to the Themes, page, clicking the check mark to select it, and clicking Publish Theme.

That’s it! You’ve customized your theme in Microsoft Dynamics 365!


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